A wrinkle in time.

Image: Angelos Michaloplous

Image: Angelos Michaloplous

By the time we are 50, our faces will reveal just what we have done on our journey through life.  According to Sydney dermatologist, Dr Phillip Artemi, sun damage will be responsible for 75% of the skin damage we see looking back at us in the mirror.

The anti-aging market is one of the current rising markets in the world with expected world-wide value to rise from a current $42 billion to $55 billion over the next four years - all driven by advancements in technology and our own increased awareness of the signs of ageing.

The range of anti ageing treatments is extensive ranging from the traditional “nip and tuck”, to a variety of choices of injectables and laser treatments which are easily accessible and can be done quickly enough to fit in on your lunch break!

Face lifts can be costly and have significant recovery both for time and pain management, so lots of women find injectables and lasers to be great fixes and it’s easy to find one that’s right for you:

  • Injectables - dermal fillers, muscle relaxers, liquid facelifts and “fat melting”

  • Skin treatments - chemical peels, dermal rolling, microdermabrasion

  • Lasers - ablative and non-ablative, radio frequency, ultrasound and infrared - there’s even personal LED lasers that you can use at home!

But what about the nitty gritty?

Non-surgical facelift treatments do not make your skin gravity-defying, however, if you’re looking for something more affordable with time and dollars, these are a great option. The results won’t last as long as a surgical facelift but do smooth and tighten your skin, reducing wrinkles so long as you have fairly normal skin condition.

So what if your skin is older?  Advancements in topical creams have come a long way, and still offer a great, all-round alternative to reducing wrinkles.  A good, consistent, morning and night routine can deliver amazing results without the worry of side-effects and risks that you could experience with other anti-aging options.

If you have any skin conditions, allergies or any concerns we always recommend you seek the advice of your doctor first.

Help us fight brain cancer with Charlie Teo

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Throughout the month of March, Majella Stylist will be joining forces with hair stylists and salons across the country to help raise funds to fight brain cancer.
The Australian Hairdressing Council and salons across Australia are celebrating becoming Charlie’s Angels and supporting the efforts of the Charlie Teo Foundation to find a cure for brain cancer.

Brain cancer affects more women than men, and more children than any other disease.

The 5 year survival rate of just 22%. 

Currently, there is no prevention.

When visiting our styling boutique this month, please consider gold coin donation to our Charlies Angel fund. We will be matching every dollar raised to help find a cure.

Will you be a Charlie’s Angel?

Taking care of your inner beauty


What we put in our bodies is often outwardly reflected, just ask any GP or naturopath.  Health practitioners from a wide range of fields can simply look into your eyes, check your skin and nails and be able to diagnose what may be lacking from your diet.

As we get older and devote more time to our outward beauty regime, it is easy to forget that our internal organs are aging as well and might need a little lift.

Consider how you often hear people say they can’t handle things (alcohol, sugar, certain processed foods, etc) the way they used to.  Or that indulging in certain things leaves a tell tale sign on their skin, with their energy levels, and even impacts good sleeping patterns.

The reverse can also hold true.  If you are not getting enough of a certain vitamin or mineral, there can be strong impacts felt such as aches, cramps and fatigue.  It can be hard to identify the source of the issue as you may be ingesting the same quantities you used to, but now your body doesn’t absorb or maintain vitamins and minerals the way it did when you were younger.

There is strong evidence that diet and nutrition can have a positive impact on skin issues such as eczema, acne, rosacea and psoriasis as well as inflammatory issues which have been linked to dairy, gluten, sugar and other refined foods.

Beauty and hair stylists are trained in skin, nails and hair biology, cosmetic chemistry including structure and function, and the physical effects of services. All of which can offer you a distinct advantage when combined with your stylist’s knowledge of your outward beauty regime and the products you use. 

Your stylist’s education and training can help you narrow down potential sources of the problem if your hair, skin, or nails are showing tell tale signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies in your diet, however if you find a problem persists you should always consult your GP. 

New Year, Better You!

Image: Danielle McInnes

Image: Danielle McInnes

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again when the word “resolution” is in the air.  Whether it’s a hard and fast commitment to change or more a reflection on what we want to do better for ourselves, it can be difficult to make the change.

A University of Pennsylvania study determined that in a week, most of us - 77% in fact - will be going strong on changing those thing(s) about ourselves we feel necessary.  However, by February, about half of us have moved on.  The study concluded, that two year’s on, ONLY 19% of us are still working on or have accomplished the goal and are sticking with it. 

With grim statistics such as those, what do psychologists suggest we do?  Below is their short list for success.  In short, we  should determine why we want to change - is the resolution truly intrinsic and not something that is being influenced by external factors?

So here are the suggestions for more success at being a better you and a better me:

  1. Don’t be unrealistic - keep it real and honest, and keep it within the realm of your control.

  2. Be patient - there are never any miracle cures, good things take time and effort.  

  3. Consider who you are wanting to please - the answer to this must always be “you”.

  4. Set your goals and make a plan - build yourself a roadmap to help you keep on the path to success.

Like any journey, there will be unexpected detours, places you’ve not seen before and sometimes, the need to set a new course, so be flexible and kind to yourself along the journey.  Check your progress and relish reaching each milestone that brings you closer to your goal.  

And don’t forget your support, this can be a friend with a similar goal or be your own cheerleader. Include rewarding yourself to keep motivated - a new hair style or colour, new lipstick shade or a whole makeover!

Every step you reach along the way means you’re already a Better You!

Bring on 2019!