Are You Ready For Spring Carnival?

Image: Brett Jordan

Image: Brett Jordan

We are just a few short weeks away from Spring Carnival - definitively the highlight of the Australian fashion calendar.

Since “Fashions on the Field” were introduced in 1962 it’s been the focal point of setting fashion trends on the Australian scene.  Breaking dress standards and norms from Jean Shrimpton’s famous arrival in a “mini” skirt and sans hat and gloves, to pant suits, to reinvigorating the millinery industry, Spring Carnival has always delivered on front page fashion headlines.

So what should we expect, and plan for in our outfit, for this year’s race meetings and Cup Day?

Fashion bible, Vogue, suggests going bold with statement colours and even experimenting with some colour-clash for Cup Day!

Derby Day traditions should be respected, so leave all hints of colour in your closet for the rest of the week and consider only black, only white, or a fabulous mix of the two.  The Trendspotter also suggests this year, to choose a nice sleek hat over a fascinator.

Elle magazine took it to the designers who suggested primary coloured pant suits, bright silk scarves instead of a hat or fascinator, and asymmetrical dresses to get you fashion forward for Oaks Day.

But most important of all, don’t leave your hair and make-up plans to the last minute.  We put considerable time into planning our outfits for Spring Carnival, but getting the right look critically depends on having your hair work with your hat, fascinator and other accessories, as much as your make-up needs to complement and not detract from the rest of your outfit.

Be sure to make an appointment with your hair stylist and make-up artist prior to Cup week and get their advice on how to wear your hair and what colours to bring into your make-up for the day so you can achieve that winning look.

Here’s to backing the winner!

Finding Your Foundation

Image: Bodyography Cosmetics

Image: Bodyography Cosmetics

French researchers determine that 44% of women wear make-up if they are going out - to work, school, the store, gym, etc - so we can assume that’s daily.  The research further revealed two reasons for this: camouflage and seduction.

Nothing new there!  Women from ancient Greece and Rome, through to the nineteenth century wore forms of foundation and make-up - often killing themselves in the process due to it containing high levels of lead and mercury.

But we’ve come a long way thanks to Max Factor who introduced make-up to Hollywood and now foundation supports our skin, moisturises and protects us from the sun damage, provides even tones on our uneven-toned faces, and smells nice.

Far from Mr Factor’s cake foundation, we now have a range of choices in foundation for how we want to feel, what we want to do, even how we want to treat the planet!

However - colour is everything and we should start there.

Choose one that is closest to your skin tone and make sure it looks right in natural light. t’s always best to try the colour on your face - above your jaw line and not on your hand.

Next, consider what you want from your foundation to choose the right product for you:

  • your look

  • easy to apply

  • spf factor

  • hide blemishes

  • long-wearing

  • do you want to wear powder as well

  • vegan and cruelty-free

Lastly, don’t forget to replace your foundation frequently, old foundation can harbour bacteria which will then transfer onto your skin.  Take note of the use-by date on the packaging.  

If you’d like to find your perfect foundation match, book a Stay ’n Play or a Make-up Lesson with your next appointment.

Until next month - stay beautiful!

Top Condition

Image: Averie Woodard

Image: Averie Woodard

One of the first things we learn for our daily grooming is the importance of conditioning when washing your hair.  It is often included in our routines from such an early age we don’t even remember when we started the age-old practice of rinse, apply conditioner…wait 60 seconds and rinse again.

As with most things, technology has taken this particular product a long way from our early teachings and you may be surprised that it has become a routine part of your hair colouring process in the salon.

For those of us who like to change the colour of our hair to suit the latest fashion palettes and trends, this is good and reassuring news! Especially if you’ve heard or read some stories of extreme over-colouring, such as the much publicised comment by actress Keira Knightly stating her hair was so over-dyed for movies that it fell out, requiring her to wear a wig. 

It is no longer considered that changing your hair colour so frequently can be damaging, a lot has been achieved in the way of colours and treatments that are used with hair colour to keep your hair strong and your colour lasting.

New breakthroughs in conditioners and treatments have now brought about a range of applications to support your colour and your hair long after you’ve left the salon. 

There are treatments that are applied to the hair with the colour to be absorbed into the hair shaft, and others, bonds, that do just that, bond the hair strands to prevent damage and are applied afterwards.

Coincidentally, the best selling products in my styling boutique are the Hair ID treatment, designed to be personalised to your hair and scalp, and the Plex Forte (bond filler). 

It’s unlikely the average salon client will have their hair coloured to that extreme of a Hollywood actress, but even with the new era of treatments and bonds, there’s even less to be concerned about.

So what colour are you thinking of for spring?

And that’s the great news for this month!

Get Your Winter Fashion Trends Here

Well the chill has finally arrived and we are experiencing those beautiful warm days and chilly nights that Queensland’s autumn and winter are known for.  Time to flip your closet and get your wardrobe ready for this season’s fashion trends.

We’ve checked out the highlights from Fashion Week to help you plan your look. No need to do a complete overhaul, inspiration this season comes from a mix of the 70’s and the 90’s - both eras had their overstated fashion elements. 

Accents will be bold, metallic and fringing - this will make your new look easy to achieve with accessories.  So update with a few essentials and see what you can mix with your existing wardrobe.  

Coats - We don’t need them much in Queensland, but if you’re heading south for business or pleasure you know you will need one.  This season will see coating be long and over-sized (more 90’s).  We love this military inspired one from the colour to the pockets (there are never enough pockets put into women’s tailoring). 


Image: Getty Images

As we mentioned, fringing is in, which you can add with your coat for a casual look.

Image: Rexfeatures

Image: Rexfeatures

If you want something a little more versatile for our milder weather, then go with a cape.  Love this one (above) with a mix of metallics and warm, soft textures - it will dress up and down.

Suited or casual jackets - The structured jacket and button down shirt are back.  Mixing prints is key, and you’ll see lots of bold tartans around so don’t be afraid to pair up what you wouldn’t have in the past.

Accessorise with small handbags, boots (of course) - all lengths, laced or zipped,


Hair should be soft loose curls with side-swept fringes. Consider a pure blonde if you are sporting a short cut or bob and a wheat blonde if you are wearing your hair longer.

Image: Zimmerman

Image: Zimmerman

Image: Moschino

Image: Moschino

To finish off your new look; make-up essential is a red lip.

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Oh, and keep in mind that even though it’s winter, our Queensland sun can still be harsh - big floppy hats are in, so work that into your day look if you are headed out for a long lunch.

Enjoy a beautiful winter and we will see you next month!