Are You Ready For Spring Carnival?

Image: Brett Jordan

Image: Brett Jordan

We are just a few short weeks away from Spring Carnival - definitively the highlight of the Australian fashion calendar.

Since “Fashions on the Field” were introduced in 1962 it’s been the focal point of setting fashion trends on the Australian scene.  Breaking dress standards and norms from Jean Shrimpton’s famous arrival in a “mini” skirt and sans hat and gloves, to pant suits, to reinvigorating the millinery industry, Spring Carnival has always delivered on front page fashion headlines.

So what should we expect, and plan for in our outfit, for this year’s race meetings and Cup Day?

Fashion bible, Vogue, suggests going bold with statement colours and even experimenting with some colour-clash for Cup Day!

Derby Day traditions should be respected, so leave all hints of colour in your closet for the rest of the week and consider only black, only white, or a fabulous mix of the two.  The Trendspotter also suggests this year, to choose a nice sleek hat over a fascinator.

Elle magazine took it to the designers who suggested primary coloured pant suits, bright silk scarves instead of a hat or fascinator, and asymmetrical dresses to get you fashion forward for Oaks Day.

But most important of all, don’t leave your hair and make-up plans to the last minute.  We put considerable time into planning our outfits for Spring Carnival, but getting the right look critically depends on having your hair work with your hat, fascinator and other accessories, as much as your make-up needs to complement and not detract from the rest of your outfit.

Be sure to make an appointment with your hair stylist and make-up artist prior to Cup week and get their advice on how to wear your hair and what colours to bring into your make-up for the day so you can achieve that winning look.

Here’s to backing the winner!