Finding Your Foundation

Image: Bodyography Cosmetics

Image: Bodyography Cosmetics

French researchers determine that 44% of women wear make-up if they are going out - to work, school, the store, gym, etc - so we can assume that’s daily.  The research further revealed two reasons for this: camouflage and seduction.

Nothing new there!  Women from ancient Greece and Rome, through to the nineteenth century wore forms of foundation and make-up - often killing themselves in the process due to it containing high levels of lead and mercury.

But we’ve come a long way thanks to Max Factor who introduced make-up to Hollywood and now foundation supports our skin, moisturises and protects us from the sun damage, provides even tones on our uneven-toned faces, and smells nice.

Far from Mr Factor’s cake foundation, we now have a range of choices in foundation for how we want to feel, what we want to do, even how we want to treat the planet!

However - colour is everything and we should start there.

Choose one that is closest to your skin tone and make sure it looks right in natural light. t’s always best to try the colour on your face - above your jaw line and not on your hand.

Next, consider what you want from your foundation to choose the right product for you:

  • your look

  • easy to apply

  • spf factor

  • hide blemishes

  • long-wearing

  • do you want to wear powder as well

  • vegan and cruelty-free

Lastly, don’t forget to replace your foundation frequently, old foundation can harbour bacteria which will then transfer onto your skin.  Take note of the use-by date on the packaging.  

If you’d like to find your perfect foundation match, book a Stay ’n Play or a Make-up Lesson with your next appointment.

Until next month - stay beautiful!