Top Condition

Image: Averie Woodard

Image: Averie Woodard

One of the first things we learn for our daily grooming is the importance of conditioning when washing your hair.  It is often included in our routines from such an early age we don’t even remember when we started the age-old practice of rinse, apply conditioner…wait 60 seconds and rinse again.

As with most things, technology has taken this particular product a long way from our early teachings and you may be surprised that it has become a routine part of your hair colouring process in the salon.

For those of us who like to change the colour of our hair to suit the latest fashion palettes and trends, this is good and reassuring news! Especially if you’ve heard or read some stories of extreme over-colouring, such as the much publicised comment by actress Keira Knightly stating her hair was so over-dyed for movies that it fell out, requiring her to wear a wig. 

It is no longer considered that changing your hair colour so frequently can be damaging, a lot has been achieved in the way of colours and treatments that are used with hair colour to keep your hair strong and your colour lasting.

New breakthroughs in conditioners and treatments have now brought about a range of applications to support your colour and your hair long after you’ve left the salon. 

There are treatments that are applied to the hair with the colour to be absorbed into the hair shaft, and others, bonds, that do just that, bond the hair strands to prevent damage and are applied afterwards.

Coincidentally, the best selling products in my styling boutique are the Hair ID treatment, designed to be personalised to your hair and scalp, and the Plex Forte (bond filler). 

It’s unlikely the average salon client will have their hair coloured to that extreme of a Hollywood actress, but even with the new era of treatments and bonds, there’s even less to be concerned about.

So what colour are you thinking of for spring?

And that’s the great news for this month!